Application and evaluation of an engineering data model

Research paper by Charles M. Eastman, Alan H. Bond, Scott C. Chase

Indexed on: 01 Dec '91Published on: 01 Dec '91Published in: Research in Engineering Design


In a companion paper, we introduced an information model called EDM, for representing design and engineering information. EDM defines a small set of structures capable of depicting a wide range of semantics necessary for engineering design. These structures allow the definition of specific product models that are equivalent to database schemas, a fully instantiated structure is equivalent to an engineering or CAD database. EDM was developed in response to several criteria, among them the need to support changing technologies and evaluations and the need to support integrity checking. In this paper, EDM is applied to a small but complex example, a wall in building construction. Geometric, acoustic, and thermal properties are developed for the wall, defined in EDM structures. The example is then considered in terms of the evaluation criteria.