Appearance of P-odd nuclear forces in photoproduction of pions on6Li

Research paper by M. P. Rekalo

Indexed on: 01 Jul '85Published on: 01 Jul '85Published in: Russian Physics Journal


P-odd effects in the photoproduction of pions on6Li nuclei, γ +6Li → π+ +6He, are studied. Collisions of linearly and circularly polarized photons with a polarized nuclear target are studied, and in addition both vectorial and tensorial polarization are taken into account. It is shown that in the general case P-odd effects in γ +6Li → π+ +6He are characterized by 18 real structure functions, which determine different P-odd asymmetries in the angular distribution of the pions. The structure functions in their turn depend on different products of three p-even and three p-odd amplitudes of the process γ +6Li → π+ +6He. The P-odd effects at the threshold of the reaction γ +6Li → π++6He are analyzed. Using available experimental data on the behavior of the cross section of the reaction γ +6Li → π+ +6He at threshold, the π6Li6He strong-interaction constant is evaluated.