Apparent time in biology

Research paper by J. Viret

Indexed on: 01 Jun '95Published on: 01 Jun '95Published in: Acta Biotheoretica


In tracing the survival reaction of an organism, following a vital stress, we have proceeded from the breakdown of a cerebral enzyme as a function of the constraint, to its initial and spontaneous recovery. We have so observed a partial enzymatic recovery, the velocity of which being variable with respect to the constraint intensity. This velocity is expressed asdq/dt, that is, the quantity of enzymedq recovered per unit of timedt. In this paper, the basic idea is to consider the inverse parameterdt/dq, that is, the timedt needed by the organism to recover a given quantity of enzymedq. The integration of this parameter over the constraint accumulated by the stressed organism allows us to determine a timeT which appears to be variable when observed by a distant observer.The properties of this timeT are discussed with the help of an analogical approach based on hydrodynamical and cosmological models.