Anti-tumor and anti-osteolysis effects of the metronomic use of zoledronic acid in primary and metastatic breast cancer mouse models.

Research paper by Ke-Wang KW Luo, Chun-Hay CH Ko, Grace G L GG Yue, Michelle Y Y MY Lee, Wing-Sum WS Siu, Julia K M JK Lee, Wai-Ting WT Shum, Kwok-Pui KP Fung, Ping-Chung PC Leung, Gang G Li, Andreas A Evdokiou, Clara B S CB Lau

Indexed on: 31 Jul '13Published on: 31 Jul '13Published in: Cancer Letters


This study aims to determine the effect of metronomic (0.0125 mg/kg twice a week for 4 weeks) zoledronic acid (ZOL) on cancer propagation and osteolysis against both metastatic and primary breast cancer in mice model. From our results, metronomic ZOL resulted in a significant reduction of tumor burden and did not promote lung or liver metastasis. The metronomic ZOL appeared to be more effective than the conventional regimen (0.1 mg/kg once in 4 weeks) in reducing breast cancer tumor burden, and regulating its movement to lung and liver. This dosing schedule of ZOL showed great potential against metastatic breast cancer.