Anti-Synchronization of Markovian Jumping Stochastic Chaotic Neural Networks with Mixed Time Delays

Research paper by Cheng-De Zheng, Wenlong Liang, Zhanshan Wang

Indexed on: 21 Mar '14Published on: 21 Mar '14Published in: Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing


The anti-synchronization control is investigated for a class of uncertain stochastic chaotic neural networks with both Markovian jump parameters and mixed delays. The mixed delays consists of discrete and distributed time-varying delays. First, by combining the Lyapunov method and a generalized Halanay-type inequality for stochastic differential equations, a delay-dependent criterion is established to guarantee the state variables of the discussed stochastic chaotic neural networks to be globally exponential anti-synchronized. Next, by utilizing a novel lemma and the Jensen integral inequality, a delay-dependent criterion is proposed to achieve the globally stochastic robust anti-synchronization. With some parameters being fixed in advance, the proposed conditions are all expressed in terms of linear matrix inequalities, which can be solved numerically by employing the standard Matlab LMI toolbox package. Finally, two examples are proposed to demonstrate the effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed results.