Anorectal malformation associated with a perineal protrusion of the rectal mucosa: case presentation.

Research paper by Masato M Shinkai, Kyoko K Mochizuki, Yoshihiro Y Hirata, Shohei S Honda, Norihiko N Kitagawa, Hiroshi H Take, Youkatsu Y Ohhama, Mio M Tanaka, Yukichi Y Tanaka

Indexed on: 25 Jul '09Published on: 25 Jul '09Published in: Pediatric Surgery International


We present a rare case of a female neonate with an imperforate anus associated with a perineal mass which may correspond to an extrophied rectal duplication. Associated anomalies were thoracic hemivertebrae and a multicystic dysplastic kidney. Excision of the perineal lesion followed by anal transplantation and perineal reconstruction corrected the anomaly.