Anomalous thermal expansion of silver chlorate in the tetragonal and cubic phases

Research paper by V. Deshpande, S. V. Suryanarayana, C. Frantz

Indexed on: 01 Oct '82Published on: 01 Oct '82Published in: Journal of Materials Science


Silver chlorate (AgClO3) undergoes a phase transition from a tetragonal to a cubic phase at 139° C. The temperature dependence of lattice parameters and the coefficient of thermal expansion in the tetragonal phase between 23° C and 130° C and in the cubic phase between 140° C and 184° C have been investigated. The lattice parameters in the tetragonal phase and the lattice parameter in the cubic phase increase with temperature. In the tetragonal phase the coefficient of expansion (αc) increases with temperature whereas the coefficient of expansion along a perpendicular direction (αa) decreases with increasing temperature. In the cubic phase the coefficient of expansion shows a pronounced decrease with increasing temperature. These results have been discussed in the light of the known structure.