Anomalous n-type electrical behaviour of Pd-contacted CNTFET fabricated on small-diameter nanotube.

Research paper by S S Jejurikar, D D Casterman, P B PB Pillai, O O Petrenko, M M MM De Souza, A A Tahraoui, C C Durkan, W I WI Milne

Indexed on: 01 May '10Published on: 01 May '10Published in: Nanotechnology


A Pd-contacted dopant-free CNTFET with small-diameter (0.57 nm) carbon nanotube showing an anomalous n-type electrical characteristic is reported for the first time. This observed behaviour is attributed to a carbon nanotube work function higher than (or close to) palladium as well as a large hole-to-electron effective mass ratio of approximately 2.5 predicted by hybridization in small-diameter nanotubes. A variation of the conduction type with temperature is also observed and is attributed to an increase of the palladium work function and decrease of the CNT work function with increasing temperature.