Anomalous Effects from Dipole-Environment Quantum Entanglement

Research paper by Elio B. Porcelli, Victo S. Filho

Indexed on: 03 Nov '16Published on: 03 Nov '16Published in: arXiv - Physics - General Physics


In this work, we analyze anomalous effects observed in the operation of two different technological devices: a magnetic core and a parallel plate (symmetrical or asymmetrical) capacitor. From experimental measurements on both devices, we detected small raised anomalous forces that cannot be explained by known interactions in the traditional theories. As the variations of device inertia have not been completely understood by means of current theories, we here propose a theoretical framework in which the anomalous effects can consistently be explained by a preexisting state of quantum entanglement between the external environment and either magnetic dipoles of magnetic cores or electric dipoles of capacitors, so that the effects would be manifested by the application of a strong magnetic field on the former or an intense electric field on the latter. The values of the macroscopic observables calculated in such a theoretical framework revealed good agreement with the experimental measurements performed in both cases, so that the non - locality hypothesis based on the generalized quantum correlation between dipoles and environment is consistent as explanation for the anomalous effects observed. The control and enhancement of the effect can allow the future viability of a new technology based on electric propulsion of rockets and aircrafts.