Anisakidosis: a cause of intestinal obstruction from eating sushi.

Research paper by K K Takabe, S S Ohki, O O Kunihiro, T T Sakashita, I I Endo, Y Y Ichikawa, H H Sekido, T T Amano, Y Y Nakatani, K K Suzuki, H H Shimada

Indexed on: 22 Jul '98Published on: 22 Jul '98Published in: American Journal of Gastroenterology


We report a case of strangulating small bowel obstruction in a 60-yr-old Japanese woman caused by anisakidosis (previously known as anisakiasis). With the increasing popularity of Japanese cuisine such as sushi in the United States, the incidence of anisakidosis is expected to increase. Intestinal anisakidosis can now be treated temporarily, but this condition may cause a serious obstruction afterwards, as evidenced by this particular case. Over 13,500 cases were reviewed in both the Japanese and English literature, and we discuss the prevention of anisakidosis without negatively altering the taste of the raw fish.