Android API-based voice recording system in emergency situations

Research paper by Jeong-Kyung Moon, Jin-Mook Kim

Indexed on: 08 Jun '16Published on: 07 Jun '16Published in: Multimedia Tools and Applications


Smartphones are evolving in various ways, recording technology has also developed. However, most of research is the study of the Call Record and high quality. This paper focuses on prepare to emergency rather than to quality. The system uses the Android API-based recording technology. Voice upload system can save the voice recording by running application. And upload to the web server after encrypted. Upload data includes location information together with status information. Location information refers to information received from the GPS. The state information is a input value when pressing shortcut button. In the case of an emergency situation, a message is sent to the pre-registered PC or smart phone. This may reduce the risk situation. After the accident there can be help to resolve the incident by analysis of the accident’s last recording with LBS information. Audio files and location information was guaranteed confidentiality using the LEA algorithm. And ensure the integrity by using the HASH algorithm and SALT.