Andreev bound states at spin-active interfaces.

Research paper by D D Beckmann, F F Hübler, M J MJ Wolf, H V HV Löhneysen

Indexed on: 27 Jun '18Published on: 27 Jun '18Published in: Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences


Andreev bound states are ubiquitous in superconducting hybrid structures. They are formed near impurities, in Josephson junctions, in vortex cores and at interfaces. At spin-active superconductor-ferromagnet interfaces, Andreev bound states are formed due to spin-dependent scattering phases. Spin-dependent phase shifts are an important ingredient for the generation of triplet Cooper pairs in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid structures. Spectroscopy of Andreev bound states is a powerful probe of superconducting order parameter symmetry, as well as spin-dependent interface scattering and the triplet proximity effect.This article is part of the theme issue 'Andreev bound states'. © 2018 The Author(s).