Ancient home or in exile? The easternmost species of genus Starengovia Snegovaya, 2010 found in China (Opiliones, Nemastomatidae, Nemastomatinae).

Research paper by Chao C Zhang, Jochen J Martens

Indexed on: 14 Jul '18Published on: 14 Jul '18Published in: ZooKeys


is described and illustrated based on male and female specimens collected in Yunnan Province, China. The new species is distinct from the two other congeners, Snegovaya, 2010 and Martens, 2017, in having two pairs of low submedian tubercles on abdominal areae III and IV; distal margin of the lateral foliate wing-like structures of the penis situated close to the glans base, the short rod-like stylus, the form and position of spines on the stylus of the penis, anvil-shaped tubercles mainly on front margin of prosoma. The occurrence of in Yunnan, the second nemastomatine species in China, creates a huge distributional gap of roughly 2700 km distance to its closest neighbor in Northwest Pakistan. The historical relations of Chinese nemastomatines are discussed.