Analysis of Small x Behaviour of Longitudinal and Heavy Favour Structure Functions of Proton

Research paper by Nomita Baruah, Mrinal Kumar Das, Jayanta Kumar Sarma

Indexed on: 24 Mar '15Published on: 24 Mar '15Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


The behaviour of structure functions FL, \({F_{k}^{h}} (k=L,2; h=c, b)\) with respect to Bjorken variable x are studied using Taylor series expansion method at small x. At small values of x, all these quantities are dominated by the gluon content of the proton. Here, we use the input distribution of gluon from Donnachie-Landshoff (DL) model to determine the longitudinal and heavy flavour structure function of proton. We compare our results with the recent HERA data and results of DL and Colour Dipole models which shows good agreement with data and fit. We use our results of heavy flavour structure function to analyze the behaviour of DIS cross section ratio Rh(x,Q2) and reduced cross section \({\sigma _{r}^{h}}\) in heavy quark lepto-production at small values of x. We have also studied the behaviour of the heavy quark content of the FL structure functions with respect to x.