Analysis of Laminated Plates Subjected to Mechanical and Hygrothermal Environmental Loads Using Fifth-Order Shear and Normal Deformation Theory

Research paper by Nitin S. Naik, Atteshamuddin S. Sayyad

Indexed on: 03 May '20Published on: 29 Apr '20Published in: International journal of applied mechanics


International Journal of Applied Mechanics, Ahead of Print. Bending analysis of laminated composite plates subjected to mechanical and hygrothermal environmental loading is presented in this paper using fifth-order shear and normal deformation theory (FOSNDT). This theory uses polynomial-type shape function in the displacement field up to fifth-order. This theory considers the effect of transverse normal deformations ([math]). Simply supported laminated composite and sandwich plates are analyzed using Navier’s solution techniques. The results obtained using this theory are compared with the results available in the literature wherever possible. However, many results are presented for the first time in this paper.

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