Analysis of factors affecting diagonal tension and compression capacity of corner joints in furniture frames fabricated with dovetail key

Research paper by Mosayeb Dalvand, Ghanbar Ebrahimi, Akbar Rostampour Haftkhani, Sadegh Maleki

Indexed on: 11 Jan '13Published on: 11 Jan '13Published in: Journal of Forestry Research


This study was conducted to analyze the effect of joint type, and numbers and types of dovetail keys on diagonal tension and compression performance of corner joints in a furniture frame. Joint members were cut from white fir lumber. Butted and mitered joints were constructed with one and two dovetail key(s) with butterfly and H shapes. Joints were glued by polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) and cynoacrylate (CA). Compression capacity of joints was higher than diagonal tension. Mitered joints were stronger than butted ones. Butterfly dovetail keys were superior to H shape keys. Double keys performed better than single key. Experimental joints glued with PVAc were stronger than those glued with CA glue and control specimens. In terms of strength, butterfly dovetailed joints were comparable with doweled joints.