Analysis of a controlled phase gate using circular Rydberg states

Research paper by T. Xia, X. L. Zhang, M. Saffman

Indexed on: 29 Oct '13Published on: 29 Oct '13Published in: Quantum Physics


We propose and analyze the implementation of a two qubit quantum gate using circular Rydberg states with maximum orbital angular momentum. The intrinsic quantum gate error is limited by the finite Rydberg lifetime and finite Rydberg blockade shift. Circular states have much longer radiative lifetimes than low orbital angular momentum states and are therefore candidates for high fidelity gate operations. We analyze the dipole-dipole interaction of two circular state Rydberg atoms and present numerical simulations of quantum process tomography to find the intrinsic fidelity of a Rydberg blockade controlled phase gate. Our analysis shows that the intrinsic gate error can be less than $9 \times10^{-6}$ for circular Cs atoms in a cryogenic environment.