An Overview of the Coal Seam Gas Developments in Queensland

Research paper by Brian Towler, Mahshid Firouzi, James Underschultz, Will Rifkin, Andrew Garnett, Helen Schultz, Joan Esterle, Stephen Tyson, Katherine Witt

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 27 Feb '16Published in: Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering


The demand for natural gas in Queensland, Australia has historically been supplied from conventional reservoirs. However, depletion in conventional sources has led producers to turn to extensive supplies in Queensland’s coal resources. These coal seam gas (CSG) developments not only represent new supplies for the domestic market in eastern Australia, they are also the first time that CSG (aka coal bed methane or CBM) has been liquefied to serve the expanding world LNG market. In order to make this development occur, considerable infrastructure had to be installed, with field developments still on-going. This AUD$60 billion investment precipitated a major overhaul of state regulations to provide not only a safe and clean operating environment, but also to allay the concerns of certain stakeholders.

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