An online diary for tracking epilepsy.

Research paper by Scheherazade S Le, Patricia O PO Shafer, Eyal E Bartfeld, Robert S RS Fisher

Indexed on: 07 Oct '11Published on: 07 Oct '11Published in: Epilepsy & Behavior


My Epilepsy Diary is a free Web-based application on the public website epilepsy.com, available for patients to track epilepsy and to aid clinicians with data-based, individualized management. The first aim of this descriptive study was to outline electronic diary functions. Second, the study retrospectively profiled a large cohort of 2010 calendar year diary users including demographics, seizure types, temporal distribution of seizures, triggers, and use and side effects of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). A total of 1944 users provided demographic information and 1877 recorded seizure data. Most (64%) users were women. Average age was 29.9±16.0 years. A total of 70,990 seizure entries and 15,630 AED entries were logged. Events were apportioned as 79% seizures and 21% seizure clusters. Specific AEDs were detailed in 7331 entries: monotherapy was used in 18% and polytherapy in 82%. Mood-related side effects were most commonly reported in 19% of 1027 users.