An improved visual description of the VIM

Research paper by Omar-Jair Purata-Sifuentes, Anahí-Yridian Belman-Hernández Andrea-Guadalupe Fernández-Torres

Indexed on: 22 Jun '18Published on: 17 Jun '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


All the sciences and several disciplines have their own vocabulary, and metrology is not the exception. The international vocabulary of metrology (VIM) includes an annex with concept diagrams which represent most of the relations among the concepts defined in the main text of the vocabulary. Even when these diagrams follow international standards, they are usually confusing and sometimes hard to understand. OSSAD (Office System Support Analysis and Design) is a visual language that has been used to document management systems and has its own structure, syntax and grammar. Visual representation through OSSAD of originally blurred textual procedures has proved its usefulness in translating text into visual diagrams easy to understand for inexperienced users. The adaptation of OSSAD to visually description of the VIM is showed in this paper. A comparative analysis between the current concept diagrams and the proposed ones was done. The visual language has allowed the mapping of com...