An example of orthogonal triple flag variety of finite type

Research paper by Toshihiko Matsuki

Indexed on: 05 Dec '10Published on: 05 Dec '10Published in: Mathematics - Representation Theory


Let G be the split special orthogonal group of degree 2n+1 over a field F of char F \ne 2. Then we describe G-orbits on the triple flag varieties G/P\times G/P\times G/P and G/P\times G/P\times G/B with respect to the diagonal action of G where P is a maximal parabolic subgroup of G of the shape (n,1,n) and B is a Borel subgroup. As by-products, we also describe GL_n-orbits on G/B, Q_{2n}-orbits on the full flag variety of GL_{2n} where Q_{2n} is the fixed-point subgroup in Sp_{2n} of a nonzero vector in F^{2n} and 1\times Sp_{2n}-orbits on the full flag variety of GL_{2n+1}. In the same way, we can also solve the same problem for SO_{2n} where the maximal parabolic subgroup P is of the shape (n,n).