An Event-Based Approach to Spatio-Temporal Data Modeling in Land Subdivision Systems

Research paper by Jun Chen, Jie Jiang

Indexed on: 01 Dec '00Published on: 01 Dec '00Published in: GeoInformatica


The spatio-temporal database for a collaborative decision making system supporting land subdivision is “event-driven”. Both various states of spatial objects and the events causing the objects change need to be recorded and manipulated in the database. To achieve this, the authors analyzed the characteristics of events in land subdivision process and studied how events affect the states of spatial objects. An event-based approach was proposed to develop the spatio-temporal data model for the GIS-based computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW) land subdivision system. A formal specification of event and its operators was introduced for describing the execution of events and their sequence. The spatio-overlap and time-meet constraints between parent-child parcels are proposed to represent the linkage between different states of land parcels. With this approach, events and the causal relations between events and states can be recorded and managed in the spatio-temporal database in a land subdivision system. In addition, a new way for simulating system work-flow is also suggested.