An evaluation of the number of condenser insertions needed with warm lateral condensation of gutta-percha.

Research paper by V T VT Himel, C W CW Cain

Indexed on: 01 Feb '93Published on: 01 Feb '93Published in: Journal of Endodontics


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the number of condenser insertions needed to obturate root canal systems using warm lateral condensation. Forty epoxide blocks with one major and five lateral canals placed at varying angles were used. The blocks received either one, three, five, or seven insertions of the warm instrument. The findings revealed gutta-percha and or sealer in every lateral canal. Cold compaction of the heated gutta-percha produced more material in the lateral canals than did the use of the heated condenser alone. The optimum number of condenser insertions depended upon the position of the lateral canal, the size of the canal, and the bulk of material being heated. The areas of the main canal with a smaller diameter required fewer insertions of the warm condenser to push the gutta-percha into the lateral canals located in those areas.