An evaluation of the central value of the automorphic scattering determinant

Research paper by Joshua S. Friedman, Jay Jorgenson, Lejla Smajlovic

Indexed on: 27 Jul '16Published on: 27 Jul '16Published in: Mathematics - Number Theory


Let $M$ be a finite volume, non-compact hyperbolic Riemann surface, possibly with elliptic fixed points, and let $\phi(s)$ denote the automorphic scattering determinant. From the known functional equation $\phi(s)\phi(1-s)=1$ one concludes that $\phi(1/2)^{2} = 1$. However, except for the relatively few instances when $\phi(s)$ is explicitly computable, one does not know $\phi(1/2)$. In this article we address this problem and prove the following result. Let $N$ and $P$ denote the number of zeros and poles, respectively, of $\phi(s)$ in $(1/2,\infty)$, counted with multiplicities. Let $d(1)$ be the coefficient of the leading term from the Dirichlet series component of $\phi(s)$. Then $\phi(1/2)=(-1)^{N+P} \cdot \mathrm{sgn}(d(1))$.