An EOQ Model for Deteriorating Items with Selling Price Dependent Exponential Demand for Time Varying Holding and Deterioration Costs

Research paper by Sachin Kumar Verma, Mohd. Rizwanullah, Chaman Singh

Indexed on: 23 Dec '18Published on: 19 Dec '18Published in: International Journal of Engineering & Technology


Research investigation of the past few decades shown that the researchers developed economic order quantity (EOQ) model for perishable items under constant deterioration and constant demand. Though, in actual practice it is not true. This paper involved a representation of an inventory control model, in which perishable items has been taken with a price as well as an exponential dependent demand. The measured items in the model are deteriorating in nature based on time dependent deterioration rate. In the earlier studies the holding cost often treated as a constant, which is not suited to the most of the practical life situations. In real practical situation some kind of items treat holding cost is a function of time, which is increase as the time increases. In this paper, a model is developed which included the time dependent linear holding cost. We have achieved the estimated optimal solution under the given assumption according to the situation. A numerical example is presented to demonstrate the model and the sensitivity analysis of various parameters is approved out for the validation of the proposed method.