An Effective Construction Method of Modular Manipulator 3D Virtual Simulation Platform

Research paper by Xianhua Li, Lei Lv, Rui Sheng, Qing Sun, Leigang Zhang

Indexed on: 08 Jun '18Published on: 08 Jun '18Published in: 3D Research


This work discusses about a fast and efficient method of constructing an open 3D manipulator virtual simulation platform which make it easier for teachers and students to learn about positive and inverse kinematics of a robot manipulator. The method was carried out using MATLAB. In which, the Robotics Toolbox, MATLAB GUI and 3D animation with the help of modelling using SolidWorks, were fully applied to produce a good visualization of the system. The advantages of using quickly build is its powerful function of the input and output and its ability to simulate a 3D manipulator realistically. In this article, a Schunk six DOF modular manipulator was constructed by the author’s research group to be used as example. The implementation steps of this method was detailed described, and thereafter, a high-level open and realistic visualization manipulator 3D virtual simulation platform was achieved. With the graphs obtained from simulation, the test results show that the manipulator 3D virtual simulation platform can be constructed quickly with good usability and high maneuverability, and it can meet the needs of scientific research and teaching.