An AIS-based hybrid algorithm for static job shop scheduling problem

Research paper by Xueni Qiu, Henry Y. K. Lau

Indexed on: 30 Sep '12Published on: 30 Sep '12Published in: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing


A static job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is a class of JSSP which is a combinatorial optimization problem with the assumption of no disruptions and previously known knowledge about the jobs and machines. A new hybrid algorithm based on artificial immune systems (AIS) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) theory is proposed for this problem with the objective of makespan minimization. AIS is a metaheuristics inspired by the human immune system. Its two theories, namely, clonal selection and immune network theory, are integrated with PSO in this research. The clonal selection theory builds up the framework of the algorithm which consists of selection, cloning, hypermutation, memory cells extraction and receptor editing processes. Immune network theory increases the diversity of antibody set which represents the solution repertoire. To improve the antibody hypermutation process to accelerate the search procedure, a modified version of PSO is inserted. This proposed algorithm is tested on 25 benchmark problems of different sizes. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the PSO algorithm and the specific memory cells extraction process which is one of the key features of AIS theory. By comparing with other popular approaches reported in existing literatures, this algorithm shows great competitiveness and potential, especially for small size problems in terms of computation time.