An A_p --A_infty inequality for the Hilbert Transform

Research paper by Michael T Lacey

Indexed on: 23 Jun '11Published on: 23 Jun '11Published in: Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs


Continuing a theme of Lerner and Hytonen-Perez, we establish an L^p(w) inequality for a Haar shift operator of bounded complexity, that quantifies the contribution of the A_infty characteristic of the weight to the L^p norm. Here, 1<p<\infty. The Hytonen-Perez inequality is only for p=2, and we improve an inequality of the author and 6 other collaborators. As a corollary, the same inequality holds for all Calderon-Zygmund operators in the convex hull of Haar shifts of a bounded complexity, of which the canonical example is the Hilbert transform. We conjecture that the same inequality holds for all Calderon-Zygmund operators.