Amplification of the UQCRFS1 Gene in Gastric Cancers.

Research paper by Kyong Hwa KH Jun, Su Young SY Kim, Jung Hwan JH Yoon, Jae Hwi JH Song, Won Sang WS Park

Indexed on: 14 Jul '12Published on: 14 Jul '12Published in: Journal of gastric cancer


The specific aim of this study is to unravel a DNA copy number alterations, and to search for novel genes that are associated with the development of Korean gastric cancer.We investigated a DNA copy number changes in 23 gastric adenocarcinomas by array-comparative genomic hybridization and quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analyses. Besides, the expression of UQCRFS1, which shows amplification in array-CGH, was examined in 186 gastric cancer tissues by an immunohistochemistry, and in 9 gastric cancer cell lines, as well as 24 gastric cancer tissues by immunoblotting.We found common gains at 48 different loci, and a common loss at 19 different loci. Amplification of UQCRFS1 gene at 19q12 was found in 5 (21.7%) of the 23 gastric cancers in an array-comparative genomic hybridization and DNA copy number were increased in 5 (20.0%) out of the 25 gastric cancer in quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. In immunohistochemistry, the overexpression of the protein was detected in 105 (56.5%) out of the 186 gastric cancer tissues. Statistically, there was no significant relationship between the overexpression of UQCRFS1 and clinicopathologic parameters (P>0.05). In parallel, the overexpression of UQCRFS1 protein was confirmed in 6 (66.7%) of the 9 gastric cancer cell lines, and 12 (50.0%) of the 24 gastric cancer tissues by immunoblotting.These results suggest that the overexpression of UQCRFS1 gene may contribute to the development and/or progression of gastric cancer, and further supported that mitochondrial change may serve as a potential cancer biomarker.