Amorphous cellulose gel as a fat substitute in fermented sausages.

Research paper by Paulo Cezar Bastianello PC Campagnol, Bibiana Alves BA dos Santos, Roger R Wagner, Nelcindo Nascimento NN Terra, Marise Aparecida MA Rodrigues Pollonio

Indexed on: 17 Jun '11Published on: 17 Jun '11Published in: Meat Science


Fermented sausages were produced with 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their pork back fat content replaced by amorphous cellulose gel. The sausage production was monitored with physical, chemical and microbiological analyses. The final products were submitted to a consumer study, and the volatile compounds of the final products were extracted by solid-phase microextraction and analyzed by GC/MS. The reformulated fermented sausages had significant reductions in fat and cholesterol, and the volatile compounds derived from lipid oxidation were also reduced in the final products. These results suggest that the substitution of up to 50% of the pork back fat content by amorphous cellulose gel can be accomplished without a loss of product quality, enabling the production of fermented sausages with the levels of fat and cholesterol decreased by approximately 45% and 15%, respectively.