Ammonium ions prevent methylation of uridine to ribothymidine inAzotobacter vinelandii tRNA

Research paper by P. Ajitkumar, Joseph D. Cherayil

Indexed on: 01 Jun '86Published on: 01 Jun '86Published in: Journal of Biosciences


It was shown that tRNA fromAzotobacter vinelandii grown in the presence of ammonium chloride lacks ribothymidine while that grown in the absence of the ammonium salt contains this modified nucleoside. [32P]-Labelled tRNA from this organism grown in a medium containing the ammonium salt was digested with RNase T1 and the pseudouridinecontaining tetranucleotide, common to all tRNAs was isolated and analysed for the nucleoside replacing the ribothymidine. It was found to be uridine. Cells previously labelled with [32P]-phosphate in the ammonium salt medium were washed and incubated in the ammonium saltfree medium to test whether ribothymidine would be formed upon removal of the ammonium ions. Methylation of the uridine did not take place.