Amino Acid substitutions in matrix, fusion and hemagglutinin proteins of wild measles virus for adaptation to vero cells.

Research paper by Ji Yi JY Xin, Toshiaki T Ihara, Katsuhiro K Komase, Tetsuo T Nakayama

Indexed on: 14 Jan '11Published on: 14 Jan '11Published in: Intervirology


Wild-type measles virus (MV) is isolated in B95a but not in Vero cells. Through an adaptation process of wild-type MV to Vero cells, several amino acid substitutions were reported.Six strains were adapted to Vero cells and membrane (M), fusion (F) and hemagglutinin (H) genes were sequenced. Cell fusion was assessed and recombinant MVs were constructed, having wild-type H or M gene with or without mutations.No F gene substitution was noted. Amino-acid substitutions at positions 481 from Asn to Tyr (N481Y) and 546 from Ser to Gly (S546G) were observed in the H protein. Glu at position 89 of the M protein was substituted for Gly (E89G) and two mutations were noted at positions 62 (S62R) and 83 (S83P) in M protein. Recombinant viruses with mutation(s) detected in Vero-adapted strains induced a cytopathic effect and grew well in Vero cells, but those with the wild type did not. Recombinant viruses with mutation(s) demonstrated lower viral growth in B95a cells.Substitutions of E89G, S62R and S83P of the M protein were newly observed through adaptation to Vero cells, besides the mutations described in previous reports, with varying adaptation for each strain.