Aluminium as anode in primary alkaline batteries. Influence of additives on the corrosion and anodic behaviour of 2S aluminium in alkaline citrate solution

Research paper by K. B. Sarangapani, V. Balaramachandran, V. Kapali, S. Venkatakrishna Iyer, M. G. Potdar, K. S. Rajagopalan

Indexed on: 01 Jul '84Published on: 01 Jul '84Published in: Journal of Applied Electrochemistry


The inhibitive effects of various additives on the corrosion of 2S aluminium in 4N NaOH containing calcium oxide and sodium citrate (base electrolyte) have been examined by studying the self corrosion, anodic polarization and anode efficiency of 2S aluminium in solutions containing different additives. It has been found that among the different additives investigated, those forming anions in solution act favourably.