Patrick Harvey-Collard, Ryan M. Jock, N. Tobias Jacobson, Andrew D. Baczewski, Andrew M. Mounce, Matthew J. Curry, Daniel R. Ward, John M. Anderson, Ronald P. Manginell, Joel R. Wendt, Martin Rudolph, Tammy Pluym, Michael P. Lilly, Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Malcolm S. Carroll


Qubits based on transistor-like Si MOS nanodevices are promising for quantum computing. In this work, we demonstrate a double quantum dot spin qubit that is all-electrically controlled without the need for any external components, like micromagnets, that could complicate integration. Universal control of the qubit is achieved through spin-orbit-like and exchange interactions. Using single shot readout, we show both DC- and AC-control techniques. The fabrication technology used is completely compatible with CMOS.