Alkaloids from the stem bark of an Australian population of Zanthoxylum ovalifolium.

Research paper by Clynton W CW Halstead, Paul I PI Forster, Peter G PG Waterman

Indexed on: 21 Jul '06Published on: 21 Jul '06Published in: Natural product research


The aerial parts of Zanthoxylum ovalifolium (Rutaceae) have yielded the two novel benzo[c]phenanthridine alkaloids terihanine (8-demethylnitidine) and isoterihanine (9-demethylnitidine) together with nitidine, the unusual furoquinoline 5-methoxydictamnine, canthin-6-one and several common furocoumarins. The finding of benzo[c]phenanthridine and furoquinoline alkaloids in Australian material of this species confirms its chemical homogeneity throughout its range from India to Australia.