Algorithms, Vol. 9, Pages 29: An Improved Dynamic Joint Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on SFR

Research paper by Yibing Li, Xueying Diao, Ge Dong, Fang Ye

Indexed on: 13 May '16Published on: 22 Apr '16Published in: Algorithms


Inter-cell interference (ICI) is the main factor affecting system capacity and spectral efficiency. Effective spectrum resource management is an important and challenging issue for the design of wireless communication systems. The soft frequency reuse (SFR) is regarded as an interesting approach to significantly eliminate ICI. However, the allocation of resource is fixed prior to system deployment in static SFR. To overcome this drawback, this paper adopts a distributed method and proposes an improved dynamic joint resource allocation algorithm (DJRA). The improved scheme adaptively adjusts resource allocation based on the real-time user distribution. DJRA first detects the edge-user distribution vector to determine the optimal scheme, which guarantees that all the users have available resources and the number of iterations is reduced. Then, the DJRA maximizes the throughput for each cell via optimizing resource and power allocation. Due to further eliminate interference, the sector partition method is used in the center region and in view of fairness among users, the novel approach adds the proportional fair algorithm at the end of DJRA. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms previous approaches for improving the system capacity and cell edge user performance.