Algorithm for a particle-based growth model for plant tissues.

Research paper by Joost H J JHJ van Opheusden, Jaap J Molenaar

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Royal Society open science


We have developed an algorithm for a particle-based model for the growth of plant tissues in three dimensions in which each cell is represented by a single particle, and connecting cell walls are represented as permanent bonds between particles. A sample of plant tissue is represented by a fixed network of bonded particles. If, and only if a cell divides, this network is updated locally. The update algorithm is implemented in a model where cell growth and division gives rise to forces between the cells, which are relaxed in steepest descent minimization. The same forces generate a pressure inside the cells, which moderates growth. The local nature of the algorithm makes it efficient computationally, so the model can deal with a large number of cells. We used the model to study the growth of plant tissues for a variety of model parameters, to show the viability of the algorithm.