Algebraic Cycles and Mumford-Griffiths Invariants

Research paper by James D. Lewis, Shuji Saito

Indexed on: 31 May '07Published on: 31 May '07Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


Let $X$ be a projective algebraic manifold and let $CH^r(X)$ be the Chow group of algebraic cycles of codimension $r$ on $X$, modulo rational equivalence. Working with a candidate Bloch-Beilinson filtration $\{F^{\nu}\}_{\nu\geq 0}$ on $CH^r(X)\otimes {\Bbb Q}$ due to the second author, we construct a space of arithmetic Hodge theoretic invariants $\nabla J^{r,\nu}(X)$ and corresponding map $\phi_{X}^{r,\nu} : Gr_{F}^{\nu}CH^r(X)\otimes {\Bbb Q} \to \nabla J^{r,\nu}(X)$, and determine conditions on $X$ for which the kernel and image of $\phi_{X}^{r,\nu}$ are ``uncountably large''.