Airway management using transmylohyoid oroendotracheal (submental) intubation in maxillofacial trauma.

Research paper by Imran I Khan, Deborah D Sybil, Anurag A Singh, Tarun T Aggarwal, Rizwan R Khan

Indexed on: 06 May '15Published on: 06 May '15Published in: National journal of maxillofacial surgery


Successful management of airway in complex maxillofacial injuries is quite challenging. The complications and the post-operative care associated with tracheotomy makes it an unpopular choice for airway management meant solely for surgery in these patients. A retrospective analysis of 12 patients from June 2008 to December 2011, seeking treatment for pan facial fractures who underwent transmylohyoid oroendotracheal (submental) intubation is discussed here. The stepwise procedure is explained along with problems of intubation in pan facial fractures. The advantages, disadvantages and complications of transmylohyoid intubation are discussed and compared with alternative methods of air way management in such cases. This reliable, safe and easy method of airway management gives sterile surgical field without a change of tube.