Agelastatin E, agelastatin F, and benzosceptrin C from the marine sponge Agelas dendromorpha.

Research paper by Supriya S Tilvi, Céline C Moriou, Marie-Thérèse MT Martin, Jean-François JF Gallard, Jonathan J Sorres, Kirti K Patel, Sylvain S Petek, Cécile C Debitus, Ludmila L Ermolenko, Ali A Al-Mourabit

Indexed on: 20 Feb '10Published on: 20 Feb '10Published in: Journal of Natural Products


The study of the n-butanol extract of the New Caledonian sponge Agelas dendromorpha led to the isolation and identification of three new pyrrole-2-aminoimidazole (P-2-AI) alkaloids, named agelastatins E (3) and F (4) and benzosceptrin C (5), together with 10 known metabolites, agelastatin A (1), agelastatin D (2), sceptrin (6), manzacidin A, tauroacidin A, taurodispacamide A, nortopsentin D, thymine, longamide, and 4,5-dibromopyrrole-2-carboxamide. Their structures were assigned by spectroscopic data interpretation. All the compounds were tested for cytotoxic activity.