Ag–N dual-accept doping for the fabrication of p-type ZnO

Research paper by Wang Bin, Zhao Yue, Min Jiahua, Sang Wenbin

Indexed on: 18 Dec '08Published on: 18 Dec '08Published in: Applied Physics A


P-type ZnO was realized by dual-doping with nitrogen and silver via electrostatic-enhanced ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. The structural, electrical, and optical properties were explored by XRD, Hall-effect, and optical transmission spectra. The resistivity of ZnO:(N,Ag) film was found to be 56 Ω cm−1 with the high mobility of 76.1 cm2/V s. Compared with ZnO:Ag film, ZnO:(N,Ag) film exhibited a higher and more stable optical transmittance.