Advanced manufacturing technology effectiveness: A review of literature and some issues

Research paper by Sanjeev Goyal, Sandeep Grover

Indexed on: 12 Sep '12Published on: 12 Sep '12Published in: Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering


Advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) provides advantages to manufacturing managers in terms of flexibility, quality, reduced delivery times, and global competitiveness. Although a large number of publications had presented the importance of this technology, only a few had delved into related literature review. Considering the importance of this technology and the recent contributions by various authors, the present paper conducts a more comprehensive review. Literature was reviewed in a way that will help researchers, academicians, and practitioners to take a closer look at the implementation, evaluation, and justification of the AMT. The authors reviewed various papers, proposed a different classification scheme, and identified certain gaps that will provide hints for further research in AMT management.