Adsorption properties of shungite in purification of water–alcohol solutions

Research paper by L. M. Mel’nik, N. A. Tkachuk, O. V. Turchun, V. E. Diyuk, O. V. Ischenko, O. O. Byeda, L. D. Kisterska, O. B. Loginova, S. O. Lysovenko, O. G. Gontar, V. V. Garashchenko

Indexed on: 04 Jan '18Published on: 05 Jan '18Published in: Journal of Superhard Materials


Shungite adsorption properties to remove higher alcohols and other impurities from water–alcohol solutions is studied by the methods of nitrogen adsorption, thermogravimetric analysis, wetting, temperature-programmed desorption mass spectrometry, and FTIR spectroscopy. Shungite is shown to be able to effectively sorb impurities from water-alcohol solutions to form fairly strong adsorption systems. Heat treatment 180°C in vacuum results in almost complete decomposition of the adsorption systems, thus providing recovery and a slight increase of the specific surface and sorptive volume of shungite. The present findings demonstrate the theoretical possibility of recovery of adsorption centers on the shungite surface, which would extend its usable life as a sorbent.