Adsorption Peculiarities of Carbon Monoxide on Iridium Electrodeposits

Research paper by T. D. Gladysheva, B. I. Podlovchenko

Indexed on: 01 Jul '03Published on: 01 Jul '03Published in: Russian Journal of Electrochemistry


The transients of current and open-circuit potential observed at CO adsorption on Ir/Pt electrodes in solutions of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids are shown to adequately agree with those theoretically expected. From voltammetric curves of electrooxidation of chemisorbed CO, the values of its adsorption are estimated by making a “proper double-layer correction.” It is concluded that CO is preferentially adsorbed in the bridge form. During CO adsorption from sulfuric acid solutions on an electrode with a preliminarily accumulated monolayer of copper adatoms (Cuad), small negative current are observed and Cuad are displaced by ∼50%. To explain these results, it is assumed that CO is reduced by copper adatoms.