Adsorption and hydrogenation of benzene on Pd-Ru alloy in a pulsed chromatographic regime

Research paper by V. G. Dobrokhotov, L. F. Pavlova, V. M. Gryaznov

Indexed on: 01 May '83Published on: 01 May '83Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The reversible adsorption of benzene vapor on an alloy of Pd with 6% of Ru at 303°K under the conditions of existence of the α phase of the alloy-hydrogen system does not change, and in the region of existence of the β phase, it increases somewhat with a rise in the pressure of hydrogen. Strongly adsorbed benzene occupies∼7% of the surface.Only the strongly adsorbed benzene is hydrogenated on the α phase of the alloy-hydrogen system.The feeding of hydrogen to the hydrogenation zone by diffusion through the alloy leads to a supersaturation of the surface with a form of chemisorbed hydrogen that is active in the benzene hydrogenation reaction.