Adiabatic interaction of the electrons of a weakly nonuniform plasma with a circularly polarized wave propagating along a magnetic field

Research paper by A. I. Matveev

Indexed on: 06 Jun '12Published on: 06 Jun '12Published in: Russian Physics Journal


The self-consistent evolution of a circularly polarized wave is described. The wave propagates in a weakly nonuniform plasma, both with a negative and with a positive density gradient, along a magnetic field whose frequency is greater than the cyclotron frequency. The Hamiltonian equations are used to describe the resonant interaction of the plasma electrons with the wave, and the adiabatic invariants of the trapped and transit electrons are calculated. In the adiabatic approximation, the electron distribution functions and currents are determined. The effect of resonant electrons on the dispersion of the circularly polarized wave under consideration at the stages of decreasing and increasing plasma density is analyzed.