Adenomatoid tumour of the fallopian tube

Research paper by P. J. Mullaney

Indexed on: 20 Oct '08Published on: 20 Oct '08Published in: The Dublin Journal of Medical Science


These tumours are primarily of academic interest as they are very small and do not seem to have clinical significance. Only thirteen cases have been reported, though it is possible, because of their size, that they are more often present but unobserved. In this case the adenomatoid tumour of the Fallopian tube may be one manifestation of Müllerian metaplasia, and endometriosis of the ovary, another. However as both these conditions seem to be accepted as being of Müllerian origin, it is interesting to compare them histologically. The tumour contains an occasional acinus lined by cubical or columnar epithelium but there is no attempt to form stroma of endometrial type. In this case there is virtually no histological similarity between these lesions.