Adaptive Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Adaptively Secure Oblivious Transfer

Research paper by Yehuda Lindell, Hila Zarosim

Indexed on: 28 Jul '10Published on: 28 Jul '10Published in: Journal of Cryptology


Adaptive zero-knowledge proofs: We ask whether it is possible to construct adaptive zero-knowledge proofs (with unconditional soundness) for all of \(\mathcal{NP}\). Beaver (STOC [1996]) showed that known zero-knowledge proofs are not adaptively secure, and in addition showed how to construct zero-knowledge arguments (with computational soundness).Adaptively secure oblivious transfer: All known protocols for adaptively secure oblivious transfer rely on seemingly stronger hardness assumptions than for the case of static adversaries. We ask whether this is inherent, and in particular, whether it is possible to construct adaptively secure oblivious transfer from enhanced trapdoor permutations alone.