Adaptive filtering of MPEG system streams in IP networks

Research paper by Michael Hemy, Peter Steenkiste, Thomas Gross

Indexed on: 24 Jun '06Published on: 24 Jun '06Published in: Multimedia Tools and Applications


Congestion and large differences in available link bandwidth create challenges for the design of applications that want to deliver high quality video over the Internet. We present an efficient adaptive filter for MPEG System streams that can be placed in the network (e.g., as an active service). This filter adjusts the bandwidth demands of an MPEG System stream to the available bandwidth without transcoding while maintaining synchronization between the streams embedded in the MPEG System. The filter is network-friendly: it is fair with respect to other (TCP) competing streams and it avoids generating bursty traffic. This paper presents the system architecture and an evaluation of our implementation in three different operating environments: a networking testbed in a laboratory environment, a home-user scenario (DSL line with 640 Kbit/s), and a wide area network covering the Atlantic (server in Europe, client in the US). Moreover we examine the network-friendliness of the adaptation protocol and the relationship between the quality of the received continuous media and the protocol's aggressiveness. Our architecture is based on efficient MPEG System filtering to achieve high-quality video over best-effort networks.