Adaptive Core Multicast Routing Protocol

Research paper by Sangho Park, Daeyeon Park

Indexed on: 01 Jan '04Published on: 01 Jan '04Published in: Wireless Networks


The Adaptive Core Multicast Routing Protocol (ACMRP) is proposed for multicast routing in ad hoc networks. ACMRP is on demand core-based multicast routing protocol that is based on a multicast mesh. In ACMRP, a core is not well-known and it adapts to the current network topology and group membership. The enhanced adaptivity minimizes the core dependency and, accordingly, improves performance and robustness of ACMRP. A multicast mesh is created and maintained by the periodic flooding of the adaptive core. Since the flooding traffic is evenly maintained and a mesh provides rich connectivity among group members, ACMRP can achieve efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness. We evaluate scalability and performance of ACMRP via simulation.